Machineries Nordtrac was created in 2002, following the merger of two of the oldest agricultural machinery dealerships in the province of Québec. It serves four regions: Lanaudière, Mauricie, Laval, and the Lower- and Upper- Laurentians.The company’s objective is to provide farmers with top service and quality agricultural equipment.

To stay ahead, Machineries Nordtrac is also focusing on something particularly important, i.e., staff training, which is the cornerstone of its excellent customer service.

In an article published in La Terre de Chez Nous in 2019, Éric St-Georges, co-owner of Machineries Nordtrac, explained that his employees regularly participate in training programs from manufacturers and local employment centres, thus promoting knowledge transfer. This is why they are considered high-ranking employees.

Recruits also receive the most appropriate training, including a mentoring system under which new and younger employees are mentored by more experienced staff. In addition, the company has collaborated with various training centres to take on interns and has awarded scholarships to encourage school retention.

In the same vein, Machineries Nordtrac distinguishes itself with the vast experience of its technical team. Many of its employees come from the agricultural world and are well aware of the numerous realities farmers are facing. As a result, they are able to respond more easily to customer requests.

For all your farm machinery needs, whether it’s buying Massey Ferguson, Fendt, LEMKEN, KRONE, HARDI, Woods or Vantage Canada products, making a major repair to your mower or purchasing parts, you can count on Machineries Nordtrac.